About us

Our journey

Fourex Trading began with goodwill and efforts to assist people who are looking to expand their business or require financial aid.

With each endeavour leading to positive results, Fourex Trading achieved the status of a reliable and rising company in terms of import/export of products across more than 10 countries. Apart from dealing with goods, we also assist individuals/companies in Bank loans, Documentation, Foreign Exchange, Investments and other vital aspects of business.


A Four Dimensional Approach


We achieve this through personal contact via phone calls or meetings and provide fair agreements, duly stamped and signed for documentary proof.


Our contacts speak for us. We are engaged in mutual relations with companies in various countries and assure quick and easy services throughout the year.


We ensure that follow-up and feedback remains an important part of our daily actions and keep our clients/associates well informed of the progress/status.


Although we work according to certain Terms and Conditions, we maintain an attitude of flexibility in cases of emergency as we value 'people' over 'money'.